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Timemore Black Mirror Basic Scale


The New TIMEMORE Black Mirror Weighing Panel is a single sensor scale that features a futuristic design with minimal sharp edges. It has a built-in timer function, and a one-tenth of a gram precision with an ultra-fast response time. A non-skid silicone pad is included.

Updated features:

A new outer-shell design

Weight-triggered timer function

Additional master on/off switch

Improved textured touch button for easy navigation


Bright LED Display

The powerful LED display makes it possible to work in a brighter environment. The display is invisible while turned off.


A single forged top shell design helps protect the Black Mirror Scale from being damaged by spilled liquid. A matte surface also prevents fingerprints.

Long Battery Life

The Black Mirror Scale charges with a USB-C cable to a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. A single charge can last up to 7 hours of usage time.

Automatic Turn Off Function

The scale turns off automatically after 15 minutes of timer inactivity / 3 minutes of total inactivity